Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

1713, originally uploaded by Poletti.

What's the hurry - this is still the first post of the year. And in this case the first still of the year.

Professor Quatermass and colleague surveil a matte of the mysterious biochemical complex and hub of a sinister alien conspiracy in Enemy From Space (aka Quatermass II).

Q: Why this still?

A: One of my favorite films (and franchises) and somehow staring meaningfully at a matte landscape, sinister or not, resonates with facing the coming year with all the determination we can summon.

I have a daunting queue of books and recipes to share, including completing my post from December on the "well of fortitude" and Bryan McCoy's primer The Passion of Command. I'll be posting and editing as I can - and keeping my eye on the enemy from space as I fight the good fight against the enemies from my time.

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