Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice from Tularosa Nullah

Winding up the next-to-the-last week of middle school, Elliott has returned home with a first place medal for the 6th grade mile rule - way to go champion! This despite a 99-degree first day of summer that has everyone trying to duck the sun as all costs.

Excited to hear Chuck Hagel being discussed as possible running mate for Obama. Times are really bad enough to go all 'national unity' and shift/stiff the 2 party paradigm. A long shot perhaps but maybe it is the kind of change you can believe in?

Started following the MarsPhoenix on Twitter once news was broadcast about water ice being discovered on the surface of Mars by the NASA lander.

Busy reading anything and everything, as usual. It's some Kornbluth stories now but getting back to David Grene's memoirs, Of Farming and Classics. Dipped in Fred Hoyle's memoirs and enjoyed learning details of his rambling days. Found a $5 copy of a Penguin edition of The Black Cloud and couldn't resist buying it even though I need to reduce my library to more manageable levels.

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