Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day on the Northern Plains of Mars

Vacation snaps from the plains of the Martian arctic - there are some folks with wonderful hangovers in Pasadena (Arizona, UK, and elsewhere) today.

Reminds me of the Viking 1 landing on in western Chryse Planitia on July 4, 1976 - excellent timing for a space faring nation to celebrate its own 200th birthday. Remember watching images beamed from Viking later that week while eating at a cafe near Penn Station.

Morning on earth here in southern California - scrub jays Smith & Hawkins have visited and started the day's caching of peanuts. Grassy Knolls is looking wild and now wet thanks to a good hosing down. Now it's off to a short run of errands and then back to spend the day with family.

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