Saturday, December 24, 2005

Deep Down - Deep, Deep Down

How to kickoff ERRguitar? Go with a neglected classic of course. Ennio Morricone's film score to the 1968 Mario Bava cult classic Danger: Diabolik clearly fits the bill. If you're not familar with this Italian/French pop gem starring John Phillip Law as the criminal mastermind/hero from the popular Italian fumetti (comic book) series, get busy. After years of enduring inferior VHS copies it can a great relief to finally enjoy in a proper presentation in DVD.

Here's the haunting psychedelic theme song Deep Down sung in Italian (the opening title renders it in English).

Deep Down - Ennio Morricone (Parade 5052)

And the theme two more times as Emerald Bikini and The Pyrite Wink.

And finally a swinging number (very Morricone too) Under Wah-Wah (the "wah-wah" referring to a scheme to extract Au from H2O).

UPDATE 10/21/2007: Here are the (expired) tracks from above shared via a Box widget.


me said...

dear ERR, or is it Mr Guitar?
first great blog and thanks for the lionk,
but.. i cant download the middle two morrico tracks, the server says forbidden,and its only 4 days....
please help !

ERRguitar said...

Thanks HansZUN for your kind words.

I'm new to these services (YouSendIt) so please forgive these hiccups on my shakedown voyage.

Here are new links to Emerald Bikini and The Pyrite Wink (and they are updated in the post as well).

Emerald Bikini

The Pyrite Wink

BTW I'm planning a post about The Day The Fish Came Out later this week.

Best Regards

Bruno said...

I just love the music from Diabolik!Love the movie as well! Great blog,you've been linked.All the best,Bruno.

me said...

thanks, ERR, for the new link
i just loooove this kind of music !

Davecat said...

Bruno of Schlocker hepped me to this site, and you've certainly started off with a bang!
Now I have to add yet another .mp3 site to my bookmarks. You guys are taking over my free harddrive space! :-)

wolf138 said...

somebody have lyrics for deep down?